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About us

Who are you guys and what are you all about?

Ailey Mae's raw chocolate is owned and operated by us, Ailey and Martin in our hometown of North Berwick just outside Edinburgh. The business was born in 2011 when a newly pregnant Ailey, still wanting to enjoy chocolate but not wanting to consume any of the nasties found in commercial chocolate, began tinkering around with some ingredients, trying out different recipes and ideas to make a healthy chocolate for herself, however, the result was the best chocolate we had ever tasted. Instantly people began asking her for more and more until finally we realised we had to turn this into a fully fledged business. After sourcing ethical and organic ingredients from some of the best suppliers in the UK we worked enthusiastically at developing a small range of flavours before Martin began work on the branding for this newly formed business. We still make all of our chocolate ourselves in our home in North Berwick and we also design all of our own packaging there too. The business and our range has grown organically to the point now where we are stocked in over 40 locations across the UK and on our website here. 


A bit about our chocolate

We make our chocolate in tiny batches, in bowls with each bar being hand poured using a ladle. We are one of the few makers using this technique and it allows us to control each batch of chocolate perfectly. We make sure we keep the temperature below the magic 42°C to retain all of the nutritional and antioxidant properties our sublime Peruvian criollo cacao has to offer. We also use extra virgin coconut butter to give our chocolate its devinely smooth texture and sweeten only with agave. We don't use anything artificial and never add preservatives. We source the finest nuts, fruits and oils the world has to offer to enhance our chocolate with all of our ingredients certified organic (except our French raspberries but they were so unbelievably delicious we had to make this one exception). 

Raw chocolate is made differently to regular chocolate, ours is softer as we don't temper and because the cacao hasn't been roasted it has a different set of flavour notes with a much milder flavour. We love it and we hope you can taste the love we put into to it when you kick back to enjoy your bar of pure deliciousness.

If you have any questions or just want to chat to us please feel free to drop us a message.

Ailey & Martin


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